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About Us

Techline Roofing and Restoration is a family owned and operated company with over 15 years of experience in roofing industry. We have worn almost every hat in the industry from adjusting to contracting which allows us to do what we enjoy the most and that is to help you!

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide every person with the greatest customer service and with a better roof to protect them and their property.

We want to upgrade every roof with the most quality materials for a lifetime to come.

Through great communication and integrity we plan to establish a relationship with our customers that bring them the ease of mind in trusting one of the most honest contractors in the industry.

Free Upgrades

We offer great value to every customer with using only the best materials on the market and provided FREE UPGRADES to every one of our clients.

We upgrade every roof with the thicker shingles and nailing strips for a longer lasting shingle and greater wind durability.

The underlayment will be upgraded from builder grade paper felt to synthetic underlayment which provides a strong second line of defense.

All leak prone areas like valleys will receive “Self Adhering Ice and Water Shield” with valley metal giving you double protection.

We properly flash every roof penetration with new metal pipe flashing and install metal drip edge on the perimeter of every roof.

Our Warranty

We guarantee customer satisfaction and provide a warranty beyond the standard manufacturers’ warranty. This insures you that we take tremendous pride in our work and stand on top of our roofs.

Techline Roofing shall provide a limited non-transferable three (3) year warranty to repair for any roof defects caused by the poor workmanship of the company. The value of any repairs made under warranty shall be limited to the cost of labor and materials required to replace the portion of the work deemed defective. The warranty shall be in effect once the work is completed and shall be null in void if company is not paid in full. The company’s warranty is a non-transferable warranty and shall not be sold or assigned except upon express written approval of the company.